How to Do Rainbow Eye Makeup 2021? Tips And Tricks to Brighten Your Day

How to Do Rainbow Eye Makeup 2021? Tips And Tricks to Brighten Your Day

Rainbow eye makeup trends are currently all over Instagram and video sharing sites. It’s all about creating a masterpiece on your eyes – your canvas – using all seven colors of the rainbow. Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Kim K have been spotted wearing this trend on social media.

kylie jenner wearing rainbow eye makeup
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The term “rainbow eye makeup” has been around since the early 2000s when it was coined by Japanese nail artist, Masako-san. Her intention was to combine beauty with artistry and create a unique look that would pop and get people talking about their nails and/or eyes.

Here I am going to write about what the rainbow eye makeup aesthetic is and some tutorials on how to do it yourself.

Rainbow Eye Makeup Looks

Channeling their inner painters and artists, several netizens took the trend-forward and posted their versions of a rainbow eyeshadow look. While some decided to keep things simple and just use the eye area to show their artistry, others used large portions of their face as the canvas. 

Rainbow eye makeup or even just the name sounds stunning. It is a trend that is taking over the beauty industry.

It has been around for a while, but it has recently resurfaced. This is due to the popularity of social media influencers who are constantly posting photos on Instagram with their rainbow eyeshadow on.

The rainbow eye look is not limited to eyeshadows only because you can experiment with different colors of lipstick, liquid lipsticks, and even false eyelashes to make your look more colorful and interesting.

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Here are some viral beautiful rainbow makeup looks that we think will inspire you if you want to inject some color and rainbow into your life today. 

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rainbow eye makeup look 4
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Rainbow Eye Makeup Tutorial

The rainbow eye makeup aesthetic is a trend that has made its way into the beauty world. It is a makeup technique that uses color on the eyes, usually in shades of green, blue, pink, and purple. The objective of this technique is to bring out natural eye colors and make them more vibrant.

Let’s look at some basic principles before diving into which products work best for stacking your shadows and liners. Makeup artist Lauren D’Amelio recommends layering cream products underneath powder colors. By using this method, you will not only improve the appearance of the top layers of color but also ensure that the product remains in place. A makeup artist confesses to using this technique. When creating shapes and placement, she says that she usually starts by laying down cream colors. “After that, I will apply powder eyeshadow and pigment on top of the creams to set them and give great color saturation.” 

Jordan also recommends using a different dabbing brush for each color of eye shadow when it comes time to apply them. Using dirty or multiple shades brushes yields a dull appearance, she explains.

You have to have a little of everything to complete your eye makeup. There is no such thing as a perfect eye look unless you have a perfectly symmetrical lash line. But it’s an easy fix for a second-day eye look. Here are a few more pro-makeup tips that will help you achieve a flawless eye.

1.Eyeshadow should not be applied over wet eyelids because patches may form

2.If you want the colors in your eyeshadow to look more vibrant, use a white eyeshadow base

3.A transition shade should always be used in the crease for a seamless appearance

4.Faux eyelashes should be applied before eyeliner

5.Be sure to apply the highlighter to your brow bone as well

Rainbow Makeup Looks Step By Step

Love rainbow makeup looks, but want to know every step down to the tiniest detail?  Now the following tutorial will show you how to make your dreams come true, and how to complete your makeup looks using the colors of the rainbow. Let the magic begin!

Step 1 – Prep

Start by applying the eyeshadow primer. If you do not have one, apply a little foundation on the eye area and set it with compact powder.

Step 2 – Transition shade

Apply a peach or light brown shade all over your eyelids. Blend it properly with a blending brush.

Step 3 – Base color

Take indigo and dark purple shade and use them in the outer corner of your eyes. Use a small brush for application. Then use blue and green colors in the middle of your crease. For the inner corner of your eyes, use a yellow shade. For your bottom lash line, use red eyeshadow. Make sure that you blend it well.

Step 4 – Highlight brow bone

Take a highlighter and apply it to your brow bone. 

Step 5 – Add embellishments or stones

You can jazz things up with some face embellishments and stickers.

Step 6 – Final touches

Line your upper and lower lashline with eyeliner and apply kohl.

More Rainbow Eyeshadow Ideas

There are so many ways to wear rainbow eyeshadow, so take the time to experiment with the colors. Try to match your outfit or your mood. In the following paragraphs, I will be discussing different shades of rainbow makeup that you can experiment with.

You can replace step 2 or 3 above with the following steps.

2. Draw a thin line on the upper eyelid in black or white.

3. From the inner corner, trace the rainbow line: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple (see pictures).

rainbow eye makeup tutorial 2


Joanna Kutcha tinted her eyelids lilac and outlined her bottom lashes with a rose hue, then dotted them with glitter. Before applying one glinting palette at a time, dab a little vaseline on your lids to help your glitter stay put.

The Blend

The base of your eyebrows should first be lightly brushed with a bright hue, such as tangerine. To apply this shade, use a steady hand and apply the palest color over the lid’s base. Next, apply a contrast layer along your lash line. As a finishing touch, wet your brush and apply the last shade as your eyeliner. Once touch dry, smudge the shades together with a smudging brush.

Rainbow Eyeshadow Look Cut Crease

If you are looking to make some waves this summer, make sure you are rocking the perfect rainbow eyeshadow look cut crease. This is a super fun look that can be achieved with some paint, a few tools, and some products. It is actually quite simple to achieve. All you need is a little bit of product, a few tools, paint, and some patience.

Rainbow Eye Makeup James Charles

James Charles is a popular makeup artist and a very successful influencer. He has a lot of tutorials on youtube which you can check out if you’re interested in learning how to do something new with your makeup.

In this rainbow eye makeup tutorial, James Charles creates a rainbow eye look using only eyeshadow.

The tutorial consists of several steps and includes products that are easy to find in the store. He begins with applying a base color on your eyelids and then adds darker colors at the outer corners before blending them together. After that, he proceeds to add glittery colors to the inner part of your eyelids before finishing off with black mascara.

 Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette Recommendation

Take a trip to Hawaii with just one swipe of this palette! Doll up your eyes like never before and watch them dance in the fun summer vibe that these colors offer. Colorful and bright enough to brighten up any space, it almost feels like your eyes went on a colorful vacation. Moreover, the texture is ultra-soft and creamy, allowing you to apply it effortlessly, further enhancing the whole experience. In addition to 30 eyeshadows, this tropical palette also offers a highlighter, a blush, 2 bronze colors, and a bronze cream highlighter. Do not pass it up, try it out!


Be bold and beautiful with these high-quality and rich shades. The intense pigment and blendable formula ensure flawless application every time. These long-wear and waterproof shades that are fade-proof for up to 12 hours will stay put through any activity that you want to do! One eyeshadow brush is included with the purchase of this product.


It may take more time to blend lighter shades.

Rainbow Eye Makeup Aesthetic

The Rainbow Eye Makeup Aesthetic can be done with any eye shape or color, but it appears best with dark eyes because of their depth and contrast.

Beauty trends are always changing. One of the most popular beauty trends is wearing eye makeup with rainbow hues.

This trend has been around since the early 2000s but it has taken on a new life in 2021. The Rainbow Eye Makeup Aesthetic is popular on Instagram and YouTube because not only can you wear bright colors, but it also causes your eyes to appear larger than they actually are.

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