Move To Earn With Movez: Earn Cryptocurrency For Free

Move To Earn With Movez: Earn Cryptocurrency For Free

As a “Move to Earn” (M2E) model project, we have to mention STEPN (GMT) recently. Due to the thunderstorm out of the China market, GMT fell fast, although it will not be like the LUNA thunderstorm, it is only a matter of time!

So for now (M2E) Big Brother GMT is not working well, Okx’s MoveZ listing soon can still work? I just find out that there is almost no news of MoveZ. Although the MoveZ is an (M2E) model project, it is still not the same as STEPN!

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About MoveZ APP

MoveZ brings the next generation of fitness combined with Web3 technology. MoveZ offers unique earning features that encourage users worldwide to embrace a healthier lifestyle and gives new meaning to “mobile earning” with NFT boosters and many other great features!

The MoveZ platform uses data from your phone or fitness tracker to track activity and task completion. This is evaluated to see if it qualifies for rewards. The tokens earned can then be traded for goods and services directly within the app, or sold/traded for other cryptocurrencies on internal marketplaces or external exchanges.

The Way Movez Is Built And Its Goals

MoveZ is based on the everyday activity of most people: moving. We are the first team to create and implement a sustainable and effective Move-to-Earn (M2E) model. By simply moving, jogging, walking, running, or swimming indoors and outdoors, users can earn IN-APP currency that can be donated to numerous charitable organizations or cashed in for profit.

MoveZ’s profitability aims to inspire tens of millions of people worldwide towards a healthier lifestyle, introducing them to the revolutionary nature of web3, while relying on its social elements and simple UI to develop a lasting platform that encourages user-generated Web 3.0 content.

Token Economy

Unlike GMT, MOVEZ has zero barriers to participation, and to participate in MOVEZ’s mobile earning ecosystem, users do not need to own NFT assets. Instead, they may start with an invitation from a friend or bet into the third tier, which will allow them to start earning money.

Dual Token System

movez dual token coins

MOVEZ BEP-20 Token Economics:

Ecosystem/Rewards: 44%

Team/Advisors: 18%

Reserves: 2%

Liquidity: 10%

Seed/Private: 20%

Public: 6%

MOVEZ Leaderboards

For the more competitive users, MoveZ offers local and global leaderboards that allow users to measure their performance and push themselves to the limit within the broader MoveZ community. Top-ranked MoveZ users will receive a range of attractive benefits and rewards – as well as the opportunity to earn sponsored athlete spots.

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Move To Earn Crypto StepN

With the economy down across the globe, many people are finding it more difficult than before to make ends meet. Wages have been stagnant for years while the costs of everyday goods have risen. That’s led to many people looking for new ways to earn extra money. So, why not get paid while having fun and exercising? There are plenty of move to earn crypto apps to choose from, but one of the most popular is StepN.

What is StepN crypto?

The app, developed by FindSatoshi Lab, aims to be the leading cryptocurrency fitness game for smartphone users. stepN won 4th place in last year’s Solana Ignition hackathon and can be downloaded by users on Android or Apple devices.

As a Move to Earn NFT game on mobile devices, players need to walk, jog or run outdoors wearing “NFT sneakers” to earn rewards. It combines blockchain gaming with real-life mobile devices and aims to drive millions of people towards a healthier, low-carbon lifestyle and bring them into the world of Web 3 as well as making a positive contribution to carbon neutrality.

How Does StepN Work?

After successfully downloading the app, users will need to connect their wallet and transfer Solana (SOL) cryptocurrency to purchase NFT sneakers and begin their STEPN journey. SOL is the primary currency in which the STEPN app runs, so users must hold some in their wallets.
NFT sneakers (obtained by paying SOL) are required to start your STEPN journey. Users can connect their app with sneakers to walk, jog or run around anywhere in the world and earn points. These points are categorized as game currency and are used for various rewards such as upgrading sneakers or NFTs, leveling up, or cashing out for money in the real world.

StepN’s Sustainability Questioned

StepN has the backing of big institutions such as Sequoia Capital, Binance, and Alameda Research, and claims to have about 580,000 players. Co-founder Yawn Rong said in an interview with the South China Morning Post in April that the company earned $20 million in profit in the first quarter.

However, the market has raised serious questions about the sustainability of play-to-earn (P2E) games like this one.

Once the growth of the number of players starts to reach its limit, the business model may cannibalize itself. With fewer people paying for in-game currency in order to buy NFT, and the size of the cash-out fund growing, the value and motivation to play the game will continue to diminish in the long run, and players will gradually leave.

Does StepN, The Move-To-Earn Nft Game Really Pay, Or Is It A Scam?

Simply put, in such a game, since tokens will be issued continuously if no new players enter the field with funds to consume these tokens, then the tokens will depreciate in value, and if the tokens depreciate or fluctuate significantly, it may cause the old players to panic and sell their assets which will lead to a more serious depreciation, and so on in a vicious circle, unless there is a capital rescue, there is no way to return to heaven.
StepN co-founder Yawn Rong believes that the biggest problem with Ponzi schemes is that they don’t generate value, and StepN is able to generate revenue from within the platform. stepN has a trading marketplace within the platform, and StepN charges a 6% commission. And StepN can then use a portion of this revenue to buy tokens and consume them. Although NFTs are allowed to circulate outside the StepN platform, StepN also encourages users to trade within the platform through a number of measures. For example, if shoes are traded outside of the platform, there is a 24-hour cooling-off period for transfers out and in, so that users cannot earn movement revenue through shoes during this period.

is STEPN The Move To Earn Nft Game a scam

In addition, StepN rules are designed to have not only money-making scenarios but also money-spending scenarios, lengthening the return cycle of users from both sides and maintaining a balance between token supply and demand.

StepN will continue to create scenarios that consume tokens, such as the marathon mode that will be launched. Since players are prohibited from repairing their sneakers during the race, players may spend money to repair their shoes while their durability is still relatively high in order to compete, and the platform thus promotes token consumption by players.

Compared to Axie Infinity where nearly half are Filipino users, StepN, due to its expensive shoes and high participation threshold, now has an audience of mainly young and middle-aged people from Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries, who are not only more risk-resistant but also pay more attention to StepN’s cultivation of healthy habits and social attributes.

By spending hundreds of dollars to buy a pair of virtual sneakers and spending time running every day and sharing it in the circle of friends, you can establish an image of being rich, leisurely, and self-disciplined. Some high-level players will even invest regardless of the cost in exchange for a pair of highly rare shoes that become their bragging point.

Which Are The Best Moves To Earn Cryptocurrency Apps?




Genopets @genopets combines F2P, P2E, and M2P elements into one game, making the first Solana-based M2E NFT game, and the first M2E mobile RPG. In this game, players can cast their own Genopets and transform their physical movement and cognitive exercise into game progress to upgrade and develop Genopet NFT in the game, in addition, users can also customize Genopets according to their own preferences, in which Genopet NFT can be sold on the open market.


Step (@WalkWithSTEP) is an app for earning cryptocurrency through fitness and supports mobile downloads. Players can earn token rewards corresponding to their exercise data, though users must hold 18,000 STEP tokens to receive rewards, of which the purchase of 19,000 STEP tokens is subject to 5% tax.

Step APP supports STEP and BNB exchange as well as credit card and other deposits. In addition, Step has launched the Step series of NFTs and Step has officially announced the upcoming launch of the Step meta-universe.


SNKRZ is a blockchain-based social activity rewards platform where you can earn rewards for walking or running in SNKRZ. SNKRZ is a sneaker NFT that can be traded in APP and OpenSea, and 2 pairs can be multiplied for new shoes or rented for revenue.

SNKRZ APP will be launched soon. After the APP is launched, a limited edition SNKRZ will be launched in collaboration with several designers and artists, and part of the sales fees of these SNKRZ will be distributed to SNKRZ holders. In addition, SNKRZ will issue SKZ tokens in the second quarter.


Sweatcoin is a blockchain app that pays people to walk, initially, Sweatcoin was just a Web2 exercise and health app before turning into a Web3 app in 2018. With 64 million registered users, the Sweatcoin app currently lets users earn tokens by logging their daily steps, which they can donate to charity or receive discounts on goods and services from more than 600 brand partners.


Step is a development protocol and Step.App is the first Dapp built on Step, although third parties can also build in Step using the Step.App SDK. App users can walk and run to earn money, socialize and have fun, thus creating a fitness metaverse platform. fitfi tokens are the governance tokens of Step. App and KCAL tokens are in-game tokens. kCAL tokens are used to buy SNEAK NFT and are obtained by running when SNEAK NFT is pledged. The app is reported to launch Genesis NFT and Beta in Q2 2022. the main network and NFT marketplace will be launched in Q3.

It is worth noting that Step.App is currently in the process of pledging FITFI in perpetuity, and pledging FITFI can gain many interests in Step.App’s future development. And the next step of Step.App’s planning, users will get points by pledging FITFI, and the points earned can redeem an equipment bag with sneakers NFT, in addition, users who pledge FITFI will have the opportunity to get the qualification of NFT airdrop.

Potential Move-To-Earn Coins To Watch

Step Of Doge

STEPD, a Web3 lifestyle application with built-in GameFi and SocialFi elements, is the first M2E project that has a close relationship with pets. Users can connect to NFT using a smart collar (STEPD-Collar) and take their pets on walks to earn rewards. The built-in SocialFi system is designed to help millions of pet lovers connect with each other, and players can take their pets out together.


Calo is a blockchain-based and healthy lifestyle platform with Gamefi and Socialfi elements to help people get more exercise. Earn tokens by burning calories in the Calo platform. Users can equip themselves with NFT sneakers and earn token rewards by walking, running, etc. The Beta test of Calo will be launched in May 2022, with mobile download support and registration by email.

What Is The Next Trend In Crypto App After Move-To-Earn?

Maybe it lies in crypto apps that users could earn cryptocurrency by completing simple tasks like Drive To Earn , Learn To Earn,  Walk To Earn, Cycle To Earn, etc.

Or it’s time we move beyond simple crypto to crypto social apps. A crypto social app is a useful tool that rewards users for sharing, spreading, and liking content on social media platforms. This is the next step in the crypto movement, where users don’t just take a chance on crypto but earn rewards for sharing and spreading it.

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