Top 3 P2E Games On Ethereum With The Highest Number Of Users In The Last 30 Days

Top 3 P2E Games On Ethereum With The Highest Number Of Users In The Last 30 Days

P2E Games On Ethereum also known as play-to-earn games are general projects that intend to create and develop computer games on Ethereum Blockchain. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency network that launched in 2015. It is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud, or third-party interference. Ethereum’s blockchain technology is inspiring the creation of decentralized applications, or dApps, which enable the creation of cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Following Are The Top 3 P2E Games On Ethereum!


P2E Games On Ethereum mirandus

Mirandus is an online multiplayer role-playing game set in a player-owned universe. Participants of the game are able to buy resources such as land, ships, or docks represented in the form of NFTs and earn on them or from them. Miranda has 4410 players for almost 30 days.

2、Benji Bananas

P2E Games On Ethereum benji bananas

Benji Bananas is an evolution of the traditional game in which players use the main character, Benji, to jump from vine to vine collecting bananas, trying not to fall or get hurt by obstacles.

While collecting rewards swing from one vine to another to earn ApeCoin that can be used in real life. Benji Bananas has 1,280 players in almost 30 days.


Illuvials are mythical creatures represented by NFTs on the ethereum blockchain. They come in different rarities and players can merge three or more Illuvials to create new and rarer versions of the creatures.

The game’s native token is ILV, which players can earn through contests, tournaments, and completing quests. Illuvium has had 865 players in the last 30 days.

What Is A P2E Game?

P2E is now a more attractive story in NFT games, essentially a business model driven by blockchain technology, where players can top up and play games to gain ownership of in-game assets or currency. The explosive Axie Infinity demonstrates a successful use case for combining NFT with DeFi: introducing the idea of DeFi in Token design, from gainful NFT to governance Tokens, presenting the trend of financialization of the game.

Doing so has some obvious benefits.

1. Using DeFi’s Farming solves part of the problem of pre-introduction. Some players will be attracted to the game because of the revenue, or some people who were not originally players will be attracted to the game because of the revenue (which may or may not convert to players). 

2. The game is not purely a financial gamble, NFT makes Farming itself not produce the problem of liquidity flooding, but the premise that the game playability and mechanism can attract players to join continuously, if players keep losing, NFT will be meaningless.

3. Farming revenue helps to increase the player retention rate of the game in an attempt to solve the problem of over-pressing players that exists in F2P games.

4. The ultimate goal of most P2Es is to achieve DAO governance, enabling the community (player guilds) to participate in the governance, voting, and revenue distribution of the project.

Take Axie Infinity as an example, the success of this game cannot be separated from the support of the game guild, and now the game guild has become a hot resource in the P2E world. Mature game guilds will develop into independent DAOs with their own operation mechanism.

YYG (YieldGuild Games ) is one of the more well-known DAO, the owners are all investors and players, investors are responsible for the initial investment, and players are responsible for participating in the game to play gold (equivalent to if you do not have money, I do not have the talent to play the game, then I pay you to contribute), the guild surplus is reinvested to buy virtual assets and land in the game. Axie Infinity, is now also a strong guild pillar in the game. The DAO will issue its own Token this month.

P2E (Play to Earn) is a hot business model currently stuck in the world of blockchain gaming, which corresponds to the F2P (Free to Play) model prevalent in the real-world gaming industry, which means players can play for free but need to top up if they need a better gaming experience.

This is nothing new, as P2E was being explored in the world of blockchain two or three years ago.

What made the P2E concept a dazzling segment of the NFT this summer were the play-to-play games represented by the Ethereum blockchain game Axie Infinity, which combined NFT with DeFi and allowed players and brokers to make money in it.

More and more P2E projects are popping up today. How to quickly grasp the elements of F2P and participate in it? Will the P2E model be the future in a gaming industry where F2P is becoming more and more voluminous?

Mastering the Elements of P2E games

F2P is now the mainstream game business model, and the current problem comes from players’ game loyalty. Since a free game relies on a very small number of people to pay for support, F2P tends to squeeze players, leading to serious player loss.

Shigeru Miyamoto, the “father of Mario”, has called on the game industry to minimize the F2P model to avoid over-pressing players.

How Can a Normal Person Participate in P2E? 

Become a real player (join a guild or go independent) or resell key, rare props in the game mechanics, now there is an additional way to participate by becoming an investor in the game’s DAO.

Can I Earn Crypto By Playing Games?

Yes,  as the epidemic spreads, people have found a unique way to ease the hardships caused by the blockade, and that is by playing video games. But there is one game that not only adds to the fun but more importantly, also helps players earn cryptocurrency.

In the Philippines, the latest game to explode is Axis Infinity, created by SkyMavis, which allows players to earn income through non-fungible tokens (NFTS) and cryptocurrencies, and to raise, battle, and trade digital pets called Axies. Players use NFTs to earn the rights to each pet they purchase. In order to raise these pets, players also need to buy or breed so-called Small Love Potions (SLPs), which players can then re-sell as cryptocurrency and exchange for their respective currencies.

P2E Games On Ethereum Axis Infinity

One player said in the documentary: “At first I didn’t believe that this game could really make money by playing, but I tried it.” “Due to the epidemic, there was no way for us to make money. That’s how quickly it can spread.” An elderly couple, who own the store, even plays the game while they work. “When I’m in the store, I’m playing,” the 75-year-old owner said in the documentary. “Even if I lose, I keep playing the game.”

Free P2E Games 2022

Genopets, the free P2E chain game on Solana in partnership with YGG.

🦜Genopets is a free-to-play, exercise-based NFT game that seeks to make an active and healthy lifestyle more fun and rewarding. based on Solana, Genopets combines real-life everyday activities with the blockchain PIay-to-Earn economic model so that it can turn real-life action into rich gameplay and earn cryptocurrency at the same time.

Funding Information of Genopets project 

Back in October 2021, Genopets closed an $8.3 million seed round led by Konvoy Ventures (an investor and board observer of Axie Infinity) and Pantera Capital, with participation from Old Fashion Research, Alameda Research, Solana Capital, Animoca Brands, Yield Guild Games (YGG), and others.

The Genopets project announced on January 29th that it has partnered with many of the top, prominent guilds in the industry. These guilds will purchase Genopets NFT to provide free Play-to-Earn opportunities to the guild’s gold-playing students.

Genopets players can sync data from wearables and smartphone sensors to their Genopets account for pet development, upgrades, customization, and battles.

🦜Genopets is an early blockchain game that proposes Move-to-Earn, and its founder has a unique insight and experience with Gamefi, a game that tries to solve all the drawbacks of Axie in the past and combines the strengths of other games. Genopets appeared at a point in time that is considered a groundbreaking product in a sense.

👀 But its high floor price does discourage many players, but the good thing is that the game side offers a free game route, both to exercise and to earn, interested friends can go to have a try.

Free To Play Nft Games 2022

There are some P2E NFT platforms that don’t have any upfront costs, which is great news for players. You don’t need to buy NFTs to start playing on these platforms, which makes them more like free-to-play games. This also creates money-making opportunities with NFTs and blockchain technology.

As a result of the high demand for free P2E games, we have compiled a list of free to play nft games available today. If you are looking for free NFT games, here are some ones you should consider.

Guild Of Guardians

League Of Kingdom

Gods Unchained





My Neighbor Alice



Free To Play Nft Games Android

You can play some fun online games and get free cryptocurrency as a reward. Many of them are available for Android and iOS and are not too difficult to play.

Alien Run and Blockchain

In the first game, all you need to do is control a small alien in an increasingly fast race, avoiding obstacles on the way. 

The second one is about building a “block chain” with different colored blocks, similar to the style of Tetris. According to the official webpage, they have given away over $7 million in BTC since 2014.

Other mobile games you can explore include Turbo 84 (car racing game), Cryptoword (similar to Scrabble), Cryptopop (similar to Candy Crush), and Bitcoin Bounce (pay via lightning network). There are many more to discover in your mobile store ( for free).

What Is The Best Play To Earn Crypto Game?

One of the most played games by everyone is Sandbox. sandbox is a meta-universe. Due to Facebook’s interest in the metaverse, more people are investing in these virtual worlds. With the help of various tools, users can earn money and explore their creativity. This game also uses NFT. the land is the most valuable irreplaceable token in the game. Because these tokens are unique, lands are limited and special. If you like games too, you might like Sandbox World.

My Pet Hooligan

best P2E game My Pet Hooligan

AMGI Studio’s flagship NFT project, My Pet Hooligan, is a creative Web3 entertainment company with extensive experience in animation and games. Over the years, AMGI has developed a variety of cutting-edge animation methods and techniques that will serve as the foundation for Web3 development.

AMGI is a highly qualified creative team of artists and creators from renowned studios such as Pixar, Disney and ILM, focused on specific processes within the Unreal Engine. The My Pet Hooligan brand is critical to AMGI’s goal of bringing new individuals into the Web3 ecosystem through community and IP integration.

Monsta Infinite

Monsta Infinite is a decentralized gaming world where anyone can earn tokens by competing or having fun. 

Monsta is an unusual and strange species that lived before SHANI’s dinosaurs. But now, they face a potentially catastrophic threat, JILAKA. If things stay the same, they could be eradicated. As a result, they awaken from their slumber their earliest ancestors, the Dream Thief monsters. Monsta adopted blockchain technology at its inception to connecting with humans through its unique biological network. They look to us for leadership and guidance to bring victory to their homeland.

As a reward for your help in defeating JILAKA, they will give us their most valuable resource on the planet, Stamen Tellus tokens, and treat you as their master.

My Defi Pet 

My Defi Pet is a creature breeding and raising game on the Coin and Kardia blockchain. In My Defi Pet, players breed pets, develop farms and battle alpha monsters in important battles to earn Elixir potions as rewards.

You can exchange this reward for the game’s main token, DPET. You can also use it to enhance pets.

Pets can earn silver income while they are in their cages. You can use silver to upgrade the cage and grow food in the cell. You feed your pets, and as you feed them, they get bigger. With each level, the amount of food needed increases.

So far, they have established a basic game cycle that includes Pets->Silver->Food->Pet Upgrades. Once a pet reaches level 10, it can develop into a more powerful version of itself with a new appearance.

Why Are P2E Games A Modern Trend?

P2E games on Ethereum and other chains have taken a posture in the blockchain ecosystem. In the past year, there has been a wave of P2E games that have gradually emerged and become mainstream.
Currently, the P2E game is far from mature. The peer-to-peer messaging model on social media has spawned a series of online vloggers, musicians and anchors, and these emerging professions constitute an innovative economic model based on digital advertising, micropayments and subscription models. Similarly, P2E will create a new economic model that disrupts the traditional gaming industry through collective decision-making and verifiable ownership of digital assets.
P2E has unlimited potential as players can liquidate their game time. In addition, NFT, crypto assets and decentralized prophecy machine networks are all powerful tools to improve efficiency, expand opportunities and complete the infrastructure for a new generation of gaming.
And it’s all just beginning now. While no one can predict exactly what the future will look like, one thing is certain: blockchain technology will bring fairness, ownership and open markets to all gamers.

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